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for our year-long Immersion for parents who are ready to create loving relationships, raise resilient children, and have more ease and enjoyment in daily family life.

Fill Your Toolbox, Build Your Relationships, and Learn the Foundations of Parenting alongside Vanessa and a small group of like-minded parents in this 1-year program.

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Why do parents join? Like you, these parents were ready for less stress and struggle in daily family life...


In the Immersion, you'll have wrap-around services...

Success Coaching

We'll meet monthly for powerful Skill-Building Group Training Calls with Vanessa to learn foundational parenting strategies together.

Q & A Sessions

Have your questions answered and get concrete action steps in monthly 'Ask an Expert' Q&A Calls with Vanessa and our expert panelist

Parenting Systems

You'll get done-for-you templates, handouts, guidebooks, and recordings of all training and Q&A calls in your online Personal Parenting Manual.

Group Support

Lean on your 24/7 Exclusive Facebook Group and your Personal Parent Support Team of parents in the program.

You'll have tickets to 2 exclusive parent retreats...

Emotional Mastery Weekend

You'll get the tools to get a handle on your own emotions and to give your child powerful strategies to regulate their moods, express themselves, repair mistakes, and resolve conflicts. Set in beautiful wine country in Sonoma, you'll share ideas with other parents so you can support each other this year and go forward with more calm, clarity, and confidence as a community striving together to thrive.


Motivation Mastery Weekend

Fill up your toolbox with research-tested practices that boost motivation, collaboration, and teamwork using less rewards and punishments. Learn how to inspire better listening, win your child's cooperation, and create a home environment that encourages learning and growth. Empower your children to find their flow, adopt a growth mindset, learn from mistakes, and strive in all areas of life.


What are the retreats like? What will I learn?

Like you, these parents were excited to get away and get out overwhelm...


You'll learn hot topics for overwhelmed parents...

Setting Limits that Stick, Connecting before Correcting, Navigating Big Emotions, Repairing after Mistakes, Finding Calm in the Chaos, Curbing Entitlement with Gratitude, Modeling Mood Management, Effective Family Meetings,  Using Positive Time-Outs, Getting on the Same Page as a Family, Establishing Smooth Routines, Reigniting your Relationship, Fostering a Growth Mindset... AND MORE

Discover Your Next Step

And there are bonuses waiting for you...


Work privately with our expert coaches who will guide you in your goal-setting and troubleshoot issues as they come up.  Get your questions answered and lean into the private support of a skilled mentor throughout the year.


This 9-Module Course will teach you how to harness key strategies, tools, and mindset shifts to boost your family's resilience and design your path to thriving. You'll get key guides for building rock-solid, lifelong relationships.

VIRTUAL VIP DAY (Value $297)

Spend half a day with Vanessa & the group mastering 10 proven strategies to build positive relationships with each family member, from a strengths-based perspective.  You'll leave this day with clear action steps and a powerful plan.

Grab a spot to talk to Vanessa, our lead coach

She'll meet with you for 20 minutes to get you clear about your family goals, and see if it’s a good fit for you to join our next cohort.

In this yearlong Immersion, get ready to...

  • Master key strategies for giving your child a solid foundation of social and emotional skills at home and at school
  • Discover how to navigate big emotions and power struggles with more calm, clarity, and confidence
  • Learn Vanessa's 7 Pillars of Raising a Resilient Child and build a whole toolbox of parenting strategies
  • Design a positive home environment that fosters growth, learning, and connection
  • Collaborate with experts to troubleshoot everyday issues
  • Build better relationships with the people that matter most
  • Get on top of your calendar and find time to do the things you love, find your flow, and follow a successful self-care plan
  • Partner with other parents and go further, together!

What we're about at Raising Our Resilience...

  • Proven strategies and tools, so you can rest into them and end the search for the 'right way' to handle parenting challenges 
  • Getting you clear about what to do and say, so you don’t spin out in tough parenting moments
  • Helping you learn how to set limits, create routines, and handle big emotions in a deeper, long-lasting way that builds stronger relationships 
  • Becoming a true leader in those tough moments… once you’re consistent, kids will turn to you for your leadership and get on board with you rather than rebelling and pushing back
  • Keeping you out of overwhelm and isolation, the two things that can take you out of the self-improvement game, by surrounding you a like-minded community of coaches and peers

Meet Vanessa, Our Lead Coach

Vanessa provides live and virtual trainings and 1-on-1 support to empower parents with high-quality tools to stay calm, confident and connected, so that even through the toughest moments, parents can build a lifelong relationship based on respect, appreciation, and love.

Vanessa is a proven educator and coach with 15 years of classroom experience. She presents at the national conferences, consults in non-profit, for-profit, and charter Montessori schools, and researched the science of gratitude with her colleague Professor Giacomo Bono through UC Berkeley's Greater Good Science Center's Youth Gratitude Project. 

Vanessa holds an Early Childhood and Lower Elementary teaching credential from the American Montessori Society, a B.A. in Psychology from UC Berkeley, and a M.Ed. from St. Catherine University.

Grab a spot to talk to Vanessa, our lead coach

She'll meet with you for 20 minutes to get you clear about your family goals, and see if it’s a good fit for you to join our next cohort.

Meet our Expert Panelists

3 powerful coaches with 3 powerful paths to more ease in daily family life

Imani Aiesha


Imani Aieshah is a straight-shooting wife, mama, Marriage Coach, and author of What Your Mama Didn’t Tell You About Marriage.  She teaches married folk how to become master communicators, so they can be heard, feel acknowledged, get to resolution in conflict with ease, and have the peace and partnership they truly want in their relationship.

We will also include her guide In her guide, "The Marriage Fix 6." Imani shows you how to remedy the most common communication breakdowns in adult relationships.

Crystal Meagher


Crystal Meagher is a mother, Life Coach, and avid surfer. She supports parents of young children to bring more balance to their lives. During her decade of Life Coaching studies, she completed multiple advanced certifications and is currently working on Master Level Life Coach Certification.

Redesign your schedule and recreate your life with Crystal's "Free Time for Me Time" Challenge. In this 3-step process, learn how to hack your schedule so there's room for what YOU love to do.

Dr. Leah Meadows


Dr. Leah Meadows is a health and wellness provider and mother with over 20 years experience helping patients get their lives back. She provides inspired strategies to those who seek to thrive in an inherently stressful world. Her Energetic Alignment Technique gives you the tools you need to become an active participant in your own physical health & emotional well-being.

Dr. Leah's "Morning Manifestation Checklist" sets up your day for less stress and more success, in 20 minutes or less.

"I was struggling with intense power struggles between my daughter and I- lots of willfulness and defiance. I hit my low point when every morning getting her to school on time became a great struggle, and one particular morning I had to carry her forcefully into the car and she was screaming and kicking so much which was unsafe and stressful, and the whole thing really shook me up and freaked me out. I pulled myself out of it by asking Vanessa for help and support and I came up with a new strategy. It was quite successful and it re-enforced that my kid benefits from structure, guidance, and incentives. I went from feeling hopeless to hopeful, insecure to smart, which helped me feel confident and have a sense that "I got this," that I am a "good enough" parent or even a GREAT parents, and that I can give my daughter what she needs."

(father of 5 yr-old daughter)

"Everyone could benefit from this work... and because of it, we're having better relationships with my kids. There was a lot of yelling in our house...we identified the problem for a while... but we felt kind of stuck. Vanessa has a lot of tools and concrete strategies, our sessions are well-structured, and you leave with clear ideas. After our sessions, we always feel in a better mood and better about parenting and about each other, too, and those are all the most important relationships in my life. Now, (after a conflict) my daughter says, "I'm sorry for being rude to you." You feel like you've had a little victory instead of a failure. "

Melissa & Aaron Boyd
(daughters, ages 8 and 10)

Grab a spot to talk to Vanessa, our lead coach

"I decided to work with Vanessa because I felt that coaching was a way to make real life changes and improvements. When you have a coach, it's someone guiding you and problem-solving with you, but also holding you accountable. I think there should be less stigma and shame about getting parenting support and every parent should have access to coaching. It has a ripple effect to the rest of your's not just applicable for children, but for family members, coworkers, and friends, too. We want to do right by our kids, so they are healthy, functioning, strong, and contribute to their community. Vanessa, I can't thank you enough for all your help. "

Tiffany Eng
(daughter, age 2)

"I'm a mom of twins...and I started seeing more arguing with each other and not having the words to express their frustrations. After working with Vanessa, I can understand how they think more, my girls can understand me and can learn to express their thoughts better, and we are having more genuine conversations. I'm so glad I've put the time in to find the resources that work, and I don't have to search for them anymore. I'll be looking at these notes when they are 14, and thinking, 'Oh, yeah, that worked when they were five!' and I'll be able to keep connecting with my daughters when they are adults. "

Anna-Maria Violich-Olivier
(twin daughters, age 5)

"I have been able to have a closer relationship with both my younger daughters, but especially my middle daughter. She and I have gotten to a good place where there is more baking cookies, snuggling, and reading together, which is what I really wanted. Before working with Vanessa, it felt like I was out of control, the house was out of control, I felt powerless, as well as my husband and I being at odds. I really want to express my gratitude for changing our family life, and everyone just feels so much calmer and more loving in our home. It's really been an amazing journey, and I'm really excited to be where I am now. "

Rachel Zimmerman
(Three children ages 4, and 6, and 20)

"I'm THRILLED to report that my son and I had our best day together in a long time. We were in flow - I was more flexible, he was more cooperative, and even when he wanted something and I said (in essence) no, and didn't engage in the power conversation, he softened. It was AMAZING, and I told him so! It feels so much better to parent today"

(mother of 2 yr-old son)

Last chance! Grab a spot to talk to Vanessa, our lead coach

She'll meet with you for 20 minutes to get you clear about your family goals, and see if it’s a good fit for you to join our next cohort.


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